Duplicity: Jane Haseldine

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Within the pages of this novel you the reader will enter the courtroom, hear the voices of both the prosecutor and the defense attorney and witness something that will shock you and those present during this trial. Someone wants the trial to end even before it begins. Someone hired a sniper to take out the prosecution’s star witness who would testify against a dangerous drug, arms, trafficker and weapons dealer named Nick Rossi. Rossi is smart, savvy and has the right connections to conduct business from his jail cell. The prologue sets the scene for what is about to happen to Sammy Biggs. Someone gave up his name. Someone would lower herself under anyone to get money, endure pain and make her way to the top of the chain in order to get what she wants at any cost.

Julia Gooden is jogging by herself when someone calls out to…

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The fifth reflection: Ellen Kirschman

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People find themselves justifying their actions and motives when it comes to money, power and even in this case what some consider art. But, why would a parent, an owner of an art studio, living in a commune with her five year old daughter, use her as a subject in her photos since the photos are of her child nude. Things seem off kilter when we get to know JJ the mother and wonder why she would subject her child or anyone’s child to this type of exposure. Dr. Dot Meyerhoff, is pulled into the life of Chrissy the child, her mother and the world of photography but not in a positive way. Her fiancé, Frank is a student of JJ and although it appears to be just teacher/student related they seem to have an even closer relationship. Things spiral out of control when a special police task force is…

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The Good Daughter: A just reviews Starred review

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Guilt can go a long way to destroying relationships both in the past and in the present. Charlotte and Samantha Quinn’s lives were changed and torn apart when two men came into where they were sparring, fighting, and as always not really getting along and took the live of their mother, Gamma and shot Samantha in the head but not before taking advantage of Charlie. Forced to comply to the wishes of these two men, taken into the woods at gunpoint with no one to hear their screams of cries a family that was once close was shredded and tattered. The reason for the invasion was these two men were angry with their father who was going to foreclose on their property. A tough defense attorney, hard as nails carried with him not only the death of his wife but much more. This would haunt both Charlotte and Samantha in…

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