Bliss and Blisters a story of Love and Marriage: FIVE GOLDEN STARS

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Bliss and Blisters: Gloria Mitchell

Davida grew up in a house with 17 other children. Davida grew up with many challenges that she continues to face even after graduating high school. Imagine what happens when the boy who takes her to the prom takes advantage of her claiming he cares deeply for Davida. Davida did not encourage Vincent. Davida was raped. So, why does she continue her relationship with him even after she learns and pays for the consequences of his actions and hers too?
Davida hid her relationship from everyone and she did not want it revealed. A few minutes of what was supposed to be a night of fun at the prom is what started this spiral of events. Choices are made but sometimes they are forced on you even though you disagree with the outcome. Caught up in the moment what happens at her prom will once…

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