The Scent of Rain

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The Scent of Rain: Anne Montgomery

You will meet within the pages of this compelling, heart wrenching and topical novel a man that considers himself charismatic and who increasingly has become an object of worship sustained on a group of brainwashed people that have given over their will to think, decide and have a voice in their own lives and lose their own power. Coercive persuasion or thought reform indoctrinating these people with sermons, threats, promising them to go to the Celestial heaven when the time comes and taking away their worldly possessions in order to adhere to the will of one man they call their Leader or Prophet. They allow polygamy, sexual exploitation of children and the leader dares anyone to defy him. It’s like idol worship and each person within the group hopes for absolution from sins and guidance for a better life while this leader wallows in…

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