Fame at What Price!

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The Use of Fame: Cornelia Nixon

In a perfect world two people get married and have children hoping to live happily ever after. Abigail McCormick and Ray Stark lived together as man and wife for nearly 25 years. At times you will read about their passion for each other and at other times, which prevailed much throughout the book their discord and the disjointed marriage. Living on opposite coasts did not help their marriage last. Ray is the son of Virginia coal miners who grew up abused by one of his parents. Abby’s childhood was in San Francisco in the rich and elegant Pacific Heights. Poetry is their passion yet Ray, now a prominent and distinguished poet has a part-time job at Brown. Abby teaches at UC Berkeley and enjoys riding horses and extravagant spending. This relationship is toxic as you will learn as Abby’s choice to accept this position…

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