The Couple Next Door

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The Couple Next Door
At the heart of this novel is the life of a 6-month-old little girl named Cora. Parents are suppose to protect and nurture their children from the moment they enter this world. Leaving an infant unattended and alone so that they can have a night out with friends is unconceivable and wrong. Anne and Marco Conti decided to have a birthday dinner in honor of their friend Graham’s 40th birthday but were told by his wife Cynthia to leave fussy little Cora at home. A babysitter in place but at the last minute she cancels, they have a choice to cancel their dinner plans or take her along. Marco is determined to attend this dinner but Anne states she will remain home until he badgers her and persists that she can leave the child alone in her crib asleep, take along their baby monitor to hear…

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A tribute so powerful, so filled with love, heart and memories that you will read it over and over again and each time remember and experience the love that Irene Brodsky put into this special book titled Dear Neale. Neale is her life and will always be her whole world and as you take the journey from the day they met and instantly knew that they were truly meant to be as one forever, you too will learn the rare and true meaning of love at first sight.
Forty –one years old and filled with hope that she would finally meet her perfect match. One of my favorite vacation spots was where Irene and Neale met, the Concord Hotel in Kiamesha, New York. Almost like a scene from the Dating Game, the Maître in the dining room of the hotel introduced them and there he was coming face to face…

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