The Church of the Holy Child

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The Church of the Holy Child: Patricia Hale

A prologue that sets the tone for the horrific murders that are about to come when a killer relates how a parent was beaten mercilessly and how revenge would be taken on someone else. In the present 23 years later Britt Callahan and Griff Cole are now partners in a PI firm and the phone call they get enlists their help to find a missing woman. The person who called said her sister was leaving her husband and was supposed to let her know when she was safe by 7:30 but the call never came. Beth Jones starts the series of events that will fill the pages of this book, bring chills to every reader through and through as we learn the fate of her sister Shirley. Did her husband find her? Did he take Shirley Trudeau? Griff calls Britt and let’s…

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