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Look Behind You: Iris and Roy Johansen

Amanda Robinson went out with some friends for an evening of fun. Calling Uber to pick her up what she did not expect was that the original driver was not the man who opened the door to the cab and ended her life. Things spiral even further out of control when the murder is revealed, the carnage shown and the police have to deal with a manhunt that will go back many years. Thinking that this is more than one serial killer authors Iris and Roy Johansen set a trap for readers to hopefully not fall into when they learn that not three but 26 people died at the hand of someone who calls himself Zachary.
Kendra Michaels is meeting with a young mother and her son who has withdrawn from speaking and communicating since losing his father. Using music therapy and her…

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Excerpt : The Guardian

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I couldn’t pry my eyes away from the wrinkled skin of
her forearm.

It could have been somebody’s zip code, guiding letters, bills, and tons of junk mail to people’s houses. It could bring birthday greetings and Christmas cards, and sometimes it could deliver news that we just don’t want to hear. It might show where a lot of people live when it’s
on an envelope, with a stamp parked neatly in the corner.
But this number wasn’t on an envelope. It didn’t delight anyone with news about a new baby or winning the lottery. It had nothing to do with where people lived. It’s tattooed on an old woman’s arm, and it’s from a camp of torture where a lot of people died. And like always, when I visited my grandmother at the nursing home this afternoon, the number hypnotized me.
Oma snored lightly, and my eyes…

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