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Rat Pack Party Girl: Jane McCormick with Patti Wicklund
Some stories are told with passion, heart and feeling. Some stories need to be told in order to enlighten the world about events that might not always be in the headlines of a newspaper or a newscast but need to be brought to the public. This story needs to be told and retold so that women, children, young boys and girls, young adults become aware of the pitfalls of falling for the lies, deceits, deceptions and unsavory behaviors of those that would prey on the weaknesses of others.
When a young child who is innocent and wants to trust the adults that are supposed to nurture and care for him/her and early on learns that it’s not so. What happens when a mother turns a blind eye to what her husband is doing to her young five year old daughter all…

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Once Among Us

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One Among Us: Paige Dearth
Some stories have to be told and when you read this one the anger that will well up inside of every reader will never wane until something is done to stop what the author has shared with you and everyone else. Sex trafficking, human trafficking, drugs for sale and children for sale are at the heart of this novel. The voices you hear the heartbreaking cries and the screams of pain and desperation and plead for help will haunt you forever. Maggie Clarke is the lead character in this story that she would rather have not has had a starring role. Eleven-year-old Maggie Clarke wants to be treated like a big kid so she asks her mother to allow her to buy her own slice of pizza at the mall. If she had to do it again I guarantee she would have stayed close to…

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