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Rat Pack Party Girl: Jane McCormick with Patti Wicklund
Some stories are told with passion, heart and feeling. Some stories need to be told in order to enlighten the world about events that might not always be in the headlines of a newspaper or a newscast but need to be brought to the public. This story needs to be told and retold so that women, children, young boys and girls, young adults become aware of the pitfalls of falling for the lies, deceits, deceptions and unsavory behaviors of those that would prey on the weaknesses of others.
When a young child who is innocent and wants to trust the adults that are supposed to nurture and care for him/her and early on learns that it’s not so. What happens when a mother turns a blind eye to what her husband is doing to her young five year old daughter all…

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Once Among Us

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One Among Us: Paige Dearth
Some stories have to be told and when you read this one the anger that will well up inside of every reader will never wane until something is done to stop what the author has shared with you and everyone else. Sex trafficking, human trafficking, drugs for sale and children for sale are at the heart of this novel. The voices you hear the heartbreaking cries and the screams of pain and desperation and plead for help will haunt you forever. Maggie Clarke is the lead character in this story that she would rather have not has had a starring role. Eleven-year-old Maggie Clarke wants to be treated like a big kid so she asks her mother to allow her to buy her own slice of pizza at the mall. If she had to do it again I guarantee she would have stayed close to…

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Look Behind You

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Look Behind You: Iris and Roy Johansen

Amanda Robinson went out with some friends for an evening of fun. Calling Uber to pick her up what she did not expect was that the original driver was not the man who opened the door to the cab and ended her life. Things spiral even further out of control when the murder is revealed, the carnage shown and the police have to deal with a manhunt that will go back many years. Thinking that this is more than one serial killer authors Iris and Roy Johansen set a trap for readers to hopefully not fall into when they learn that not three but 26 people died at the hand of someone who calls himself Zachary.
Kendra Michaels is meeting with a young mother and her son who has withdrawn from speaking and communicating since losing his father. Using music therapy and her…

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Excerpt : The Guardian

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I couldn’t pry my eyes away from the wrinkled skin of
her forearm.

It could have been somebody’s zip code, guiding letters, bills, and tons of junk mail to people’s houses. It could bring birthday greetings and Christmas cards, and sometimes it could deliver news that we just don’t want to hear. It might show where a lot of people live when it’s
on an envelope, with a stamp parked neatly in the corner.
But this number wasn’t on an envelope. It didn’t delight anyone with news about a new baby or winning the lottery. It had nothing to do with where people lived. It’s tattooed on an old woman’s arm, and it’s from a camp of torture where a lot of people died. And like always, when I visited my grandmother at the nursing home this afternoon, the number hypnotized me.
Oma snored lightly, and my eyes…

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The Church of the Holy Child

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The Church of the Holy Child: Patricia Hale

A prologue that sets the tone for the horrific murders that are about to come when a killer relates how a parent was beaten mercilessly and how revenge would be taken on someone else. In the present 23 years later Britt Callahan and Griff Cole are now partners in a PI firm and the phone call they get enlists their help to find a missing woman. The person who called said her sister was leaving her husband and was supposed to let her know when she was safe by 7:30 but the call never came. Beth Jones starts the series of events that will fill the pages of this book, bring chills to every reader through and through as we learn the fate of her sister Shirley. Did her husband find her? Did he take Shirley Trudeau? Griff calls Britt and let’s…

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fatal odds: John Dobbyn

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Fatal Odds: John Dobbyn
A horse race that is fixed and the one result is one of the jockey’s winds up dead. The setting is Boston’s Suffolk Downs track and the jockey that dies is a young adult. His brother Victor Mendosa is charged with this murder. Fat Tony is the man that set up the fix and although we don’t get to know much about Roberto at first when Michael Knight the lawyer in charge of the defense for Victor, learns from him that he offered both brothers money to fix the race the startling revelation revealed makes you wonder whether there is more to his death than turning down money. Did his brother want in on the fix? Why does Victor Mendosa disappear and why is he accused of killing his older brother, Roberto? Knight is their cousin and wants to represent him but where is he? Victor…

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Seeing Red: Sandra Brown

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Seeing Red: Sandra Brown
Have you ever been so angry, so annoyed, so bothered, so irritated wanting to wring the neck of someone who created so much ire in you? The psychological state of being irritated or annoyed is labeled as SEEING RED! Kerra Bailey is a television journalist that we meet in the prologue of this book. Her goal is to get an exclusive interview with Major Franklin Trapper to talk about the bombing of the Pegasus Hotel that occurred 25 years ago. But, there’s more. Many people were killed as a result of this bombing but one five-year-old child, a girl, was handed over to the Major who saved her life. As a result of his many heroic deeds that day the major became a national hero but decided to recues himself from the world not wanting to be the center of attention or wanting to talk about…

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