Proof of Life: J.A. Jance

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Proof of Life: J.A. Jance

Boredom can really take its toll on your mind except if you are J.P Beaumont who can find a way to get into the groove of things even when he’s just looking to spend time with his wife, Chief of Police Melissa Soames. A former homicide detective at 72 he’s still on the ball and yet needs a serious diversion. His wife is inundated with cases at work, murder, cold cases and more while Beau at times is asked to work at a volunteer cold-case center in order to have something other than watching television or reading to pass the time of day. But, wishful thinking sometimes comes from a direction you won’t expect. Maxwell Cole is a crime reporter and columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and someone who Beau really can’t stand. At one time they were in the same fraternity but when Beau…

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