The Room With the White Fire

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The Room with the White Fire: T. Jefferson Parker

Creating a world within a person’s own world to survive is the basis for this multi-faceted novel that will take the reader right into the mind of a man whose wounds are more within him and the reasons for his inner battle within himself traps his mind and body as if in a coffin with a tight lid. Being imprisoned or incarcerated in a mental institution because your family feels that you are a danger to yourself is supposed to help the person return to the general community, his/her life when the treatments are geared for such a program. But, what about patients that are tortured, interrogated, locked, starved and deprived sleep for days in order to make sure that they know that those who are in charge of where they are own them body and mind. If they don’t submit…

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Imagine you are a teenager and cannot be around electrical, electronic or wireless devices of any kind. You have chronic headaches, ongoing pain, depression, anxiety, chronic flus, colds, digestive disorders, sleep problems and mindfog what does this mean? You might have what has been recognized finally and medically acknowledged as Electromagnetic Sensitivity or Radio Frequency Disease. With technology always on the rise and more people becoming ill from exposure to the electromagnetic radiation caused by technology common electro sensitivity symptoms. Author Cindy McDonald and her character Ben Lordes have created a place called the Quiet Zone for people who have this sensitivity problem to live technology free but at what price?
Casey Rhodes and Peyton Mattock are planning some time away on a camping trip. Arriving a day early she meets Clancy McCade an ornery old guy who is a great character and who takes Casey in hand when she…

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