Proof of Life: J.A. Jance

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Proof of Life: J.A. Jance

Boredom can really take its toll on your mind except if you are J.P Beaumont who can find a way to get into the groove of things even when he’s just looking to spend time with his wife, Chief of Police Melissa Soames. A former homicide detective at 72 he’s still on the ball and yet needs a serious diversion. His wife is inundated with cases at work, murder, cold cases and more while Beau at times is asked to work at a volunteer cold-case center in order to have something other than watching television or reading to pass the time of day. But, wishful thinking sometimes comes from a direction you won’t expect. Maxwell Cole is a crime reporter and columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and someone who Beau really can’t stand. At one time they were in the same fraternity but when Beau…

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Creating a world that would be filled with illusions and the ability to manipulate powerful people was the goal or vision of one man. Twenty years ago Oliver Vicks created a situation that would radically change the lives of many as he orchestrated, planned, created and manipulated a young girl named Becky into believing that some day she would be his Queen but only after he killed and annihilated her entire family leaving her alone. But, working in this bar was her life at one point and when the owner’s wife alerted her to fact that his man was dangerous and should not be taken lightly, Becky seemed mesmerized, tantalized and victim his man hypnotic ways. Why would a prominent U.S. Senator be so brainwashed into thinking that this man was God or had the same powers to control the universe, happenings as God? Frank Lamb is on the run…

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