Murder in Dog Days

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Murder in the Dog Days: P.M. Carlson

Newscasters and news reporters take chances every time they air a story that critics will criticize the way they present their material. But, what happens when on reporter digs too deep, checks into things too much and learns something that risks his life? Olivia Kerr is a reporter along with Nate Rosen for the Mosby-Sun Dispatch. Both are excellent at what they do yet each one wants to get the final scoop on the latest and hottest news. Olivia realizes that the weather is perfect for the beach and invites a group of friends to join her for the day. Rewrites on stories, hoping to get a trip to a better paper, Olivia and Nate want the spotlight. But, Dale Colby has been handed the hottest assignment to look into a fatal plane crash killing everyone but the person who owned the plane…

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The Children of the Fifth Sun

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Children of the Fifth Sun

Imagine finding a frozen corpse in the northern part of the Asian continent. What was found was not human but humanoid. The people’s republic of China was not founded until 1949 and before that the country was ravaged by a century of foreign invasion and civil wars. Going into China to get this humanoid is the enter of this novel and what this thing can do we shock readers. This ancient species from the sea could save humanity. Kelly Graham is a free diving photographer and is haunted by his past and is at the center of this novel and is charged with saving the last of their kind from a global race between China and us to control the creature’s power.
Believe it or not there exists a single unifying mythos thousands of years ago according to the summary of this book a great…

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