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Lives change at the drop of a hat or the flick of a burning match. Imagine looking into a mirror and wondering who you really are and what your future might hold. Three women age 27 are about to enter a world that will make them feel as if they have taken a trip into the Twilight Zone. Secrets, lies, deceits and one man who decided their fate in order to keep a promise to someone else and protect his own identity and future. A vicious killer leaving their three young daughters, triplets alone in their cribs not even knowing that they were born and even existed, struck down Carla and Anthony Ponti. What happens will shed light on the adoption process, the power of one man to hide the truth and three young women who will never be the same. But, first let’s…

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I Know A Secret: Tess Gerritsen

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Secrets can destroy you if you are not careful. Someone has decided to take the lives of his/her victims by creating a special method of mutilation and abuse. What happens when someone is so traumatized in the past that they take it out in the present killing people that were close but hoping to hide their secrets from the past in the present. A psychopathic killer is keeping secrets and in order to prevent them from coming out the killer is making sure that certain people remain silent. Within the pages of this novel the author brilliantly describes the death of three victims in a graphic manner. Each death is depicted as if the killer was recreating a scene of a specific Saint on a stain glass window in a church. Saint Lucy the patron saint of eyes, holding her eyes in her hands. Joan of Arc burned at the…

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