In It For the Money: David Burnsworth

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In It For the Money

Sometimes young adults would prefer to go missing and not be found for any reason. Was that why Jeremy Rhodes disappeared? His mother is quite wealthy and claims to give her money to charities and spends her time at these events as a benefactor. Blu Carraway is an unorthodox private investigator that is brash, bold, and reckless and definitely someone you want on your side. His former business partner Mick Crome vanished but that is about to change as he comes up to round out a cast of characters that are hilarious, on point, no holds barred in their actions and will do anything to solve a case even getting arrested. Blu’s funds seem to be diminishing and he has not had a job since working for millionaire Adam Kincaid finding his daughter. Staring at his old rotary phone he wills it to ring but…

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The Shepherd’s Calculus

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The Shepherd’s Calculus: C.S. Farrelly
Within the pages of this novel you will meet many clergy who have fought their entire careers to cover up the many wrong doings of the Catholic Church. But, one man Archbishop Owen Feeney would break all barriers, defy all the laws of the Church, its integrity for the mere control of funds, prestige, influence on the rules and mores set by the Catholic Church and create a web of deceit that will uncover a conspiracy all the way to the top of the Catholic Church. But, first let’s meet Milton Casey the man who is the chief strategist for the reelection of President Arthur Wyncott.
Everything is about the latest poll results and when Thomas Archer seemed to be Wyncott’s main competition something has to be done as Archer opened his speech by thanking God and blessing the attendants which was followed by his…

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