The Names of the Dead Girls

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The Names of the Dead Girls: Eric Rickstad

Someone is watching you but you cannot see or hear the person. Someone wants to end your life because of something your father did to him. Someone attacked you and you have never been able to deal with it and now that someone is no longer is prison and you think he is coming back for you. This man is responsible for killing your parents long ago and now that your uncle some harsh truths are about to come out since your uncle has adopted you, your father, tried to hide and protect you from the horrific truth. But, this man is not finished yet and more girls will pay the price, as the list of the names of the dead girls will vastly grow before we hope this person is stopped.
Ned Preacher is a serial rapist and murderer who has…

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Unexpected Outcomes
by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson
September 19, 2017 Book Blast

When a frantic 911 call stumps a suburban Atlanta police department, psychic medium Angela Panther is asked to help. Without a body or a ransom note, the cops question whether there’s even a crime, but Angela’s certain the woman’s no longer among the living.
On the outside, the woman’s family seems run of the mill, but Angela’s sixth sense tells her something different, she just has to find the evidence—and the victim’s remains, to prove it.
With the help of her best friend, Mel, and Fran, her celestial super sleuth mother, she sets out to find it and stumbles into a web of dark, dangerous family secrets worse than she ever imagined.
When a desperate spirit forces Angela to act on impulse, she makes one wrong move and lands right in the path…

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The Stratus Estate

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Within the pages of The Stratus Estate the author will take the reader to many different worlds that might be in the 17th century according to the timeline and dates given but in reality the scenes, the advances technology and the situations far surpass our technology today and ask these questions: Just what you do living in a world that is not that much different than ours yet enables you to fly where you want and I don’t mean by plane alone, hear the voices and thoughts of others and learn more about the Red Planet and our own planet where people live or come from Mars and travel to what the author has created New New York and the issues that are no different than the ones we face today. Our narrator on this journey into this world is Phillip Stratus who reminds us of the struggles faced by…

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The Guide to Political Revolution: Bernie Sanders

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Guide to Political Revolution: Bernie Sanders
Every news story today centers around the need for change in many areas such as health care, climate change, wall street bankers are beyond reproach and their tax bracket does not reflect the amount they pay by any means. This book is geared to young adults but honestly adults need to read it too as it explains in detail and in laymen’s language the areas that need to be focused on. Whether it’s heath care reform raising the minimum wage and the rationale behind it and how it will benefit workers and their employers, this book even goes as far as explaining government polices that have caused our health care and child care systems to such low points that if something is not done there will be more people unable to get medical help when needed and children left to become latch key children…

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Lives change at the drop of a hat or the flick of a burning match. Imagine looking into a mirror and wondering who you really are and what your future might hold. Three women age 27 are about to enter a world that will make them feel as if they have taken a trip into the Twilight Zone. Secrets, lies, deceits and one man who decided their fate in order to keep a promise to someone else and protect his own identity and future. A vicious killer leaving their three young daughters, triplets alone in their cribs not even knowing that they were born and even existed, struck down Carla and Anthony Ponti. What happens will shed light on the adoption process, the power of one man to hide the truth and three young women who will never be the same. But, first let’s…

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Murder in Dog Days

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Murder in the Dog Days: P.M. Carlson

Newscasters and news reporters take chances every time they air a story that critics will criticize the way they present their material. But, what happens when on reporter digs too deep, checks into things too much and learns something that risks his life? Olivia Kerr is a reporter along with Nate Rosen for the Mosby-Sun Dispatch. Both are excellent at what they do yet each one wants to get the final scoop on the latest and hottest news. Olivia realizes that the weather is perfect for the beach and invites a group of friends to join her for the day. Rewrites on stories, hoping to get a trip to a better paper, Olivia and Nate want the spotlight. But, Dale Colby has been handed the hottest assignment to look into a fatal plane crash killing everyone but the person who owned the plane…

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The Children of the Fifth Sun

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Children of the Fifth Sun

Imagine finding a frozen corpse in the northern part of the Asian continent. What was found was not human but humanoid. The people’s republic of China was not founded until 1949 and before that the country was ravaged by a century of foreign invasion and civil wars. Going into China to get this humanoid is the enter of this novel and what this thing can do we shock readers. This ancient species from the sea could save humanity. Kelly Graham is a free diving photographer and is haunted by his past and is at the center of this novel and is charged with saving the last of their kind from a global race between China and us to control the creature’s power.
Believe it or not there exists a single unifying mythos thousands of years ago according to the summary of this book a great…

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