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Seven Suspects: Renee James

Individuality is what makes you unique. No two people are the same even twins have their own differences. But, sometimes there are people that just want to be accepted for who they are even if they have different views on subjects that most people or even readers might shy away from. Bobbi Logan is a transgender with a heart of gold and just wants to help people and hopes they will care about her. Owner and operator of L’Elegance an upscale salon the prices are fair and the ambiance is fairy-tale like and the clients are rich, sexy and definitely high end. Non-traditional clients at a reduced rate for some and a salon that they can afford. People from all over including shelters come to her salon. Bobbi has had a difficult time after being raped, abused and making poor choices when it comes to men…

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7th Grade Revolution

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7th Grade Revolution: Liana Gardner

What would happen if an entire grade of middle school students were given the opportunity to take over the school, just their grade and make the rules for everyone in their specific class? What would happen when this group of disjointed kids who some like to rank out the others, make fun of their differences or are just there to take up space are forced into a situation that might endanger their safety and possibly bring them together as a unit? Welcome to Washington Academy and meet the 7th grade and their teacher Karen Rectanus who believe or not created this learning experience for her students. Wait until you hear what they had to do? Wait until you learn the rules that had to be followed as Ms. Rectanus takes the floor and tell these students “ It’s not like we like to…

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Thief’s Mark: Carla Neggers

Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan finally tied the knot but as things go with these two FBI Agents there can never be a dull moment or a lull in their caseload for very long. On the last day of their honeymoon Emma decides to visit her grandfather, private art detective Wendell Sharpe. Here is where the adventure begins as his home is broken into and all signs point to the famous art thief that plagued him for years, Oliver York. An expert in Celtic mythology and of course what he is noted for an outstanding international art thief whose skill at stealing paintings and other works of art has brought him world fame yet never getting caught. Instead of hightailing it back to work and their elite FBI team in London they decide to go straight to Oliver’s home since for some reason someone has been…

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Guilty Pleasures: WHAT ARE YOURS?

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Guilty Pleasures: Lady Jane Sinclair

A box of Godiva chocolates, caviar, silk sheets, scented candles, chocolate cheesecake and what about breakfast in bed with blueberry pancakes, real maple syrup and French toast! But, sometimes the pleasures that a young woman wants does not mean food, drinking or shopping for that extra piece of diamond jewelry you have always coveted. Lilly Peters is an intern in a hospital whose bills are huge and is paying for her grandmother’s senior assisted care center fees. So, some young women like Lilly have decided that their pastime or guilty pleasure is what some would say is the Oldest Profession in the World except it’s masked or called being an escort when we all know that’s just a front for the real deal or prostitution. Lilly loves become part of Guilty Pleasures the escort service she works for and Rayna her boss loves having her…

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Surveillance: Reece Hirsch

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Keeping your mind on your task often diverts people from watching their surroundings, realizing that they are being kept under the eyes of someone who is trying to learn their whereabouts, hack into their company’s files or even their personal accounts. The police keep watch over prisoners, suspects but everyone is under some type of scrutiny or watch just walking into a store, going to buy gas, entering an area where the stop lights have cameras of just walking in the street where there are CCTV cameras recording everything and everyone walking or maybe even driving. This novels adds another novel to the definition of the word surveillance as it deals with video cameras, extremely advanced technology that the author describes and the use of covert surveillance which the average person would not see, know about or suspect.
Thinking that his job was secure and being hired as an “ethical…

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What Happened: Hillary Clinton

Sometimes in order to move forward we need to take several steps back and reevaluate situations that we might not have any control over any more but revisit them to understand how to move ahead in the future. Candidates run for President and of course one will win and the rest will lost. Hillary Clinton’s journey to become the first woman President might have resulted in a lose due to the lack of electoral votes needed to win the election but the American people sent out a message that might not have been heard as loud as it should have been that they would have preferred her as our President as she won the popular vote. Dealing with the loss in own way and feeling angry, upset and wondering what she could have done differently Senator Clinton takes us through it all from start to finish…

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Roy Morton watches his father die and could care less that he’s gone. His father was mean and never approved or accepted the fact that Roy is a gay firefighter who grew up in a world that did not accept his sexual preferences. His father is gone and Roy seems like the likely suspect to have possibly killed him and journalist Alessandra Russo is about to have a dangerous life changing experience when she learns what he has inherited and the meaning of the Book of Judas. A single parent dealing with an infant son and having to create major news stories for her newspaper, she is caught between a rock and hard place when this major story that Roy drops right in her lap could not only cause her but her son to be in grave danger. Roy hated his father and in…

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Beyond ADHD

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There are so many that have ADHD and yet are misdiagnosed, often over medicated in order to subdue their over active impulses and actions that Beyond ADHD brings into focus, slows down the process of over medicating as the one solution, not taking different steps and getting opinions of those that really understand it and helping someone like our author move ahead with his/her life in a positive way. There are many valuable points and issues discussed at the author begins with his own journey and how finding Dr. Royer was problem the start of finding out what was really going on in his brain and how he needed to deal with have ADHD. Sharing with readers the medical, social, and numerous ways to handle living with ADHD it helped me to understand why my nephew has focusing issues, is so overactive and how I can help him more readily…

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The Grand: Dennis Wilson

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Sometimes life takes a sharp turn and when losing someone it is hard to let go. Dean Wister has visions within his dreams of his wife coming back to him at night and resuming their love in their own unique way. In real life he is forced to come to terms with her death and when he can’t he is put on paid leave or vacation until his summer vacation in Jackson Hole, where he met Sara, is the root of a case that he local police need his assistance to solve. Chicago mobster Edward Torino is found dead at the bottom of Snake River. What precipitated the murder, who was behind it and what made the hit man murder another local citizen named Jordy? Themes run high in this novel as love, sex, power, corruption and control are just some of what Dean will encounter while another plot is…

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Seeing Gail Again: Larry Farmer

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Seeing Gail Again: Larry Farmer

Can a relationship between two people be based on more than just chemistry and love? When people drift apart and find themselves intertwined in other relationships can they come back to someone they thought they lost? When we meet Jericho is about to reconnect with someone who changed his perspective on life, art, music, history, culture and religion. When we meet them he is about to remember the first time they met eight years before in the summer of 1973 in the English Lake District near Scotland. Imagine the pounding of his heart, grabbing his backpack to catch the train and enter the compartment and then see her for the first time in a different light. Can you recreate what was lost? As you hear Jericho speak and remember the past Gail thought in her mind about meeting him again. Thinking out loud he admits…

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