True Mercy

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True Mercy: Idelle Kursman

Trust, blind faith and hope are at the heart of this novel as we meet Adam Hitchens who although he looks like a teen of 18 in reality he is autistic and quite childlike. His father is recently widowed and is his sole caregiver and at times it stresses him out in many different ways. Adam is smart in many respects and yet when he decides to allow a perfect stranger into his home the events that follow will enlighten readers to the seriousness of human trafficking and meet Marina the one person who Adam feels might take the place of his mother who has passed. Working and having a special presentation that he needs to give and yet making sure his son catches the bus and goes to work little does he know that this one specific day Adam decided to watch television, make his…

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Death Overdue: Allison Brook
Some small towns are tightly knit and the community of residents is friendly or at times gossipy. Clover Ridge, Connecticut a cozy little town with a smattering of people in many different financial categories. Carrie Singleton is smart, astute, and inquisitive and has moved in with her Great Uncle Bosco and her amazing Aunt Harriet. Her own mother would not take her. Her father might be back in jail but who knows where he might or did wind up. Carrie was given a position at the Clover Ridge Library that is boring, not stimulating but since her Uncle Bosco managed to get her the job she accepted it at least until something came about that she could hardly turn down. Jobs are scares, homes are expensive, even rentals might be above her budget but when the head of the library calls her into her office to…

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