The Triangle

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Rules are made never to be questioned or disobeyed or else your life will be in the hands of Mwanga and his guards. The setting is Buganda the time period the late 1800’s and as you read this book you might think you are watching a documentary about this ravished country.
Mwanka is the Kabaka and he runs the government and the country with an iron hand. He rules the French Catholics and is opposed to the white man’s way of doing things including medicines and their beliefs in the British Anglican church. There are Arabs who are Muslims living here and the colonists. The author introduces us to the Mwanga and his relationship with his page Kalinda, his second wife Nagawa and to Reverend Clement, Father Leonardo who practices the white man’s medicine, Richard who appears to be outspoken and you wonder where his loyalties lie, Reverend Clement and…

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The Donation Man

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The Donation Man: Judy Snider

The phone rings but you are not focused on the call. You are tired and have a headache and when the person on the other end of the phone demands that you give a donation to his cause or organization how dare you say NO! Requesting that the person call back the next year and that she did not intend on donating any money, nor did she ask what the organization was that he was representing, Reggie managed to disconnect the call but this person would not give up. Recalling several times and then stating he would call back the next day she blew it off and went to work but not before the calling gave her what appeared to sound like a veiled threat: “We all have to give in life, and if we don’t it always comes back to haunt us.” The man…

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Professor Ziva Bakman-Flamhaft is back with her new book, “War Widow: How the Six Day War Changed My Life A Memoir

Tradition, beliefs, religious values and accepting what is expected of you are part of what is at the heart of this memoir. Ziva Bakman Flamhaft takes us back in time to where it all began from the time she opened her eyes the day she was born, to the feelings she had growing up with a mother whose mood swings changed like the weather at times. Getting to know her soon to be husband Yigal she began questioning her decision to marry him. Not sure if this was the right man for her yet as he points out just four weeks from their wedding day someone he had slept with not very heartwarming and difficult to accept and grasp. Thinking it though she realized that she loved him and…

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