Quick and Dirty: Stuart Woods

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Quick and Dirty: Stuart Woods
Stone Barrington just left the Carlyle Hotel and his chauffeur, Fred was traveling on Madison Avenue when a dark blur appeared in his right peripheral vision and something struck the side of the window of his car breaking it. Lucky for him the windows are armor or bulletproof. The person that sledged his car had a sledgehammer in his hand. Another car from behind them had the same results but Stone Barrington would make a call to his best friend Dino Bacchetti the Police Commissioner and then to Strategic Services shop to get the window repaired. Owning a Bentley or Rolls has its advantages except on this day when several were attacked. Any Mercedes or BMW’s got the same treatment hit by a Ninja with a sledgehammer but why? A news reporter named Gloria Parson’s did a piece on Holly Barker the one woman he…

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