Firefighter Leo TO THE RESCUE!

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Firefighter Leo to the Rescue: Amy Wilhelm and Heather Marenda-Miller
Illustrated by Alen Haljavac

Imaginations often help children explore new worlds and learn how to enter many different fields just by thinking, reading and employing what they know and have learned. Leo’s mind is quite inquisitive and today he’s decided to explore the world of the firefighter using this hands-on colorfully illustrated book to help him learn not only the role or job but much more. Learning everything he needs to know about where they work, how they work, the equipment needed to put out fires and even how plus the right vocabulary firefighters use to help fire victims and call for help will help Leo understand how important they are in all of our lives. It might even send him in this direction when he’s old enough to join a specific station and become a real firefighter.
Step One…

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