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The Last Mrs. Parris: Liv Constantine
Wealth, control, power, your every need and desire fulfilled but at what price? Some women relish in the comforts that their husband’s provide even it if means that their lives are conducted, orchestrated, coordinated and mastermind by someone else. Amber Patterson and Daphne Parrish want the same thing a rich woman’s life with Jackson Parrish on their arms. Both women will give you’re their side of the story, their perspective and perception of how they view this man, why they vie for his love and attention. One will stop at nothing to steal what the other woman has, namely her life. One will do all that she can to become a strong force in this man’s life no matter what she has to do to get there. Tired of being considered undervalued, a nobody, a frump, Amber Patterson methodically, cold and calculatingly becomes immersed…

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J. F. Kirwan: 37 Hours

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A prologue that sets the tone for a novel that will test your understanding of faith, trust, loyalty and deception because before all is said and maybe detonated you won’t know who you can trust and who is a dangerous mole. Vladmir Laksheva is dead or in the mind of his children he is gone. But, within the prologue you will experience the ability of a man arrested, tortured and capable of doing anything that any terrorist not on his side could do. A hood on his face, a window caved in and the sight of someone close to him but why is she here? A special Ops commander saved his life years before and now a man whose life would end because well wait and learn for yourself as author J.F. Kirwan takes us once again deep beneath the ocean on dives that are dangerous, heart stopping that will…

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