Silent Fear : James and Lance Morcan

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Silent Fear: James and Lance Morcan

Silence can be deadly when you do not hear your killer coming behind you. Right out of an Edgar Allan Poe mystery/short story the authors create scene that only two well-seasoned writers can create as we hear the voice and see the movements of a killer who has hidden a corpse behind a wall as he covers it up so methodically, so perfectly with each brick in a specific way and pattern behind the wall it looks seamless using one part cement, three parts sand and how he uses his trowel and positions it at the perfect angle proud of his work, defiant in many ways as he dares anyone to uncover his victim. No remorse, no feelings just killing someone in cold blood and admiring his handiwork. Jamie Lewis is part of the deaf community in a college where his murder is the…

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Bones to Pick

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Bones to Pick: Linda Lovely

Tammy the pot-bellied pig is quite inquisitive and maybe just a bit hungry. She decides to explore Eva Hooker’s farm doing some excavating in place of an archeologist. She uncovers the skull of someone thought to be deceased or missing many years ago but never found. Brie Hooker is at the scene of this discovery along with her Aunt Eva who owns the property where this skull was found. But, what grabs the reader from the start is when the identity of the person whose skull was buried there and later the rest of the remains uncovered will start a chain of events that will bring down the wrath of an entire town a the family of the deceased. You see it was her late ex-husband Jed Watson who it belongs to and his family is out to take her down along with the Sheriff…

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