Seeing Gail Again: Larry Farmer

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Seeing Gail Again: Larry Farmer

Can a relationship between two people be based on more than just chemistry and love? When people drift apart and find themselves intertwined in other relationships can they come back to someone they thought they lost? When we meet Jericho is about to reconnect with someone who changed his perspective on life, art, music, history, culture and religion. When we meet them he is about to remember the first time they met eight years before in the summer of 1973 in the English Lake District near Scotland. Imagine the pounding of his heart, grabbing his backpack to catch the train and enter the compartment and then see her for the first time in a different light. Can you recreate what was lost? As you hear Jericho speak and remember the past Gail thought in her mind about meeting him again. Thinking out loud he admits…

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Pen 33

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Roslund and Hellstrom: Pen 33

Pedophilia is considered a paraphilia, a condition in which a person’s sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior that is atypical and extreme. Pedophilia is defined as the fantasy or act of sexual activity with children who are generally age 13 or younger. Pedophiles are usually men and can be attracted to either or both sexes:
The core of the main theme of this novel is how a community and a police force deals with one man who is known to them as a pedophile, has been imprisoned and manages to escape custody even when restrained. Checking out two young girls as they are coming home from dance practice they unfortunately do not heed their parent’s warnings to not talk to strangers. Wanting to sound grownup even though they are only 9 both girls fall prey to this…

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