Beyond ADHD

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There are so many that have ADHD and yet are misdiagnosed, often over medicated in order to subdue their over active impulses and actions that Beyond ADHD brings into focus, slows down the process of over medicating as the one solution, not taking different steps and getting opinions of those that really understand it and helping someone like our author move ahead with his/her life in a positive way. There are many valuable points and issues discussed at the author begins with his own journey and how finding Dr. Royer was problem the start of finding out what was really going on in his brain and how he needed to deal with have ADHD. Sharing with readers the medical, social, and numerous ways to handle living with ADHD it helped me to understand why my nephew has focusing issues, is so overactive and how I can help him more readily…

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The Grand: Dennis Wilson

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Sometimes life takes a sharp turn and when losing someone it is hard to let go. Dean Wister has visions within his dreams of his wife coming back to him at night and resuming their love in their own unique way. In real life he is forced to come to terms with her death and when he can’t he is put on paid leave or vacation until his summer vacation in Jackson Hole, where he met Sara, is the root of a case that he local police need his assistance to solve. Chicago mobster Edward Torino is found dead at the bottom of Snake River. What precipitated the murder, who was behind it and what made the hit man murder another local citizen named Jordy? Themes run high in this novel as love, sex, power, corruption and control are just some of what Dean will encounter while another plot is…

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