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What Happened: Hillary Clinton

Sometimes in order to move forward we need to take several steps back and reevaluate situations that we might not have any control over any more but revisit them to understand how to move ahead in the future. Candidates run for President and of course one will win and the rest will lost. Hillary Clinton’s journey to become the first woman President might have resulted in a lose due to the lack of electoral votes needed to win the election but the American people sent out a message that might not have been heard as loud as it should have been that they would have preferred her as our President as she won the popular vote. Dealing with the loss in own way and feeling angry, upset and wondering what she could have done differently Senator Clinton takes us through it all from start to finish…

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Roy Morton watches his father die and could care less that he’s gone. His father was mean and never approved or accepted the fact that Roy is a gay firefighter who grew up in a world that did not accept his sexual preferences. His father is gone and Roy seems like the likely suspect to have possibly killed him and journalist Alessandra Russo is about to have a dangerous life changing experience when she learns what he has inherited and the meaning of the Book of Judas. A single parent dealing with an infant son and having to create major news stories for her newspaper, she is caught between a rock and hard place when this major story that Roy drops right in her lap could not only cause her but her son to be in grave danger. Roy hated his father and in…

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