Guilty Pleasures: WHAT ARE YOURS?

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Guilty Pleasures: Lady Jane Sinclair

A box of Godiva chocolates, caviar, silk sheets, scented candles, chocolate cheesecake and what about breakfast in bed with blueberry pancakes, real maple syrup and French toast! But, sometimes the pleasures that a young woman wants does not mean food, drinking or shopping for that extra piece of diamond jewelry you have always coveted. Lilly Peters is an intern in a hospital whose bills are huge and is paying for her grandmother’s senior assisted care center fees. So, some young women like Lilly have decided that their pastime or guilty pleasure is what some would say is the Oldest Profession in the World except it’s masked or called being an escort when we all know that’s just a front for the real deal or prostitution. Lilly loves become part of Guilty Pleasures the escort service she works for and Rayna her boss loves having her…

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