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Seven Suspects: Renee James

Individuality is what makes you unique. No two people are the same even twins have their own differences. But, sometimes there are people that just want to be accepted for who they are even if they have different views on subjects that most people or even readers might shy away from. Bobbi Logan is a transgender with a heart of gold and just wants to help people and hopes they will care about her. Owner and operator of L’Elegance an upscale salon the prices are fair and the ambiance is fairy-tale like and the clients are rich, sexy and definitely high end. Non-traditional clients at a reduced rate for some and a salon that they can afford. People from all over including shelters come to her salon. Bobbi has had a difficult time after being raped, abused and making poor choices when it comes to men…

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7th Grade Revolution

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7th Grade Revolution: Liana Gardner

What would happen if an entire grade of middle school students were given the opportunity to take over the school, just their grade and make the rules for everyone in their specific class? What would happen when this group of disjointed kids who some like to rank out the others, make fun of their differences or are just there to take up space are forced into a situation that might endanger their safety and possibly bring them together as a unit? Welcome to Washington Academy and meet the 7th grade and their teacher Karen Rectanus who believe or not created this learning experience for her students. Wait until you hear what they had to do? Wait until you learn the rules that had to be followed as Ms. Rectanus takes the floor and tell these students “ It’s not like we like to…

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