Beyond ADHD

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There are so many that have ADHD and yet are misdiagnosed, often over medicated in order to subdue their over active impulses and actions that Beyond ADHD brings into focus, slows down the process of over medicating as the one solution, not taking different steps and getting opinions of those that really understand it and helping someone like our author move ahead with his/her life in a positive way. There are many valuable points and issues discussed at the author begins with his own journey and how finding Dr. Royer was problem the start of finding out what was really going on in his brain and how he needed to deal with have ADHD. Sharing with readers the medical, social, and numerous ways to handle living with ADHD it helped me to understand why my nephew has focusing issues, is so overactive and how I can help him more readily…

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The Grand: Dennis Wilson

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Sometimes life takes a sharp turn and when losing someone it is hard to let go. Dean Wister has visions within his dreams of his wife coming back to him at night and resuming their love in their own unique way. In real life he is forced to come to terms with her death and when he can’t he is put on paid leave or vacation until his summer vacation in Jackson Hole, where he met Sara, is the root of a case that he local police need his assistance to solve. Chicago mobster Edward Torino is found dead at the bottom of Snake River. What precipitated the murder, who was behind it and what made the hit man murder another local citizen named Jordy? Themes run high in this novel as love, sex, power, corruption and control are just some of what Dean will encounter while another plot is…

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Seeing Gail Again: Larry Farmer

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Seeing Gail Again: Larry Farmer

Can a relationship between two people be based on more than just chemistry and love? When people drift apart and find themselves intertwined in other relationships can they come back to someone they thought they lost? When we meet Jericho is about to reconnect with someone who changed his perspective on life, art, music, history, culture and religion. When we meet them he is about to remember the first time they met eight years before in the summer of 1973 in the English Lake District near Scotland. Imagine the pounding of his heart, grabbing his backpack to catch the train and enter the compartment and then see her for the first time in a different light. Can you recreate what was lost? As you hear Jericho speak and remember the past Gail thought in her mind about meeting him again. Thinking out loud he admits…

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Pen 33

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Roslund and Hellstrom: Pen 33

Pedophilia is considered a paraphilia, a condition in which a person’s sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior that is atypical and extreme. Pedophilia is defined as the fantasy or act of sexual activity with children who are generally age 13 or younger. Pedophiles are usually men and can be attracted to either or both sexes:
The core of the main theme of this novel is how a community and a police force deals with one man who is known to them as a pedophile, has been imprisoned and manages to escape custody even when restrained. Checking out two young girls as they are coming home from dance practice they unfortunately do not heed their parent’s warnings to not talk to strangers. Wanting to sound grownup even though they are only 9 both girls fall prey to this…

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Silent Fear : James and Lance Morcan

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Silent Fear: James and Lance Morcan

Silence can be deadly when you do not hear your killer coming behind you. Right out of an Edgar Allan Poe mystery/short story the authors create scene that only two well-seasoned writers can create as we hear the voice and see the movements of a killer who has hidden a corpse behind a wall as he covers it up so methodically, so perfectly with each brick in a specific way and pattern behind the wall it looks seamless using one part cement, three parts sand and how he uses his trowel and positions it at the perfect angle proud of his work, defiant in many ways as he dares anyone to uncover his victim. No remorse, no feelings just killing someone in cold blood and admiring his handiwork. Jamie Lewis is part of the deaf community in a college where his murder is the…

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Bones to Pick

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Bones to Pick: Linda Lovely

Tammy the pot-bellied pig is quite inquisitive and maybe just a bit hungry. She decides to explore Eva Hooker’s farm doing some excavating in place of an archeologist. She uncovers the skull of someone thought to be deceased or missing many years ago but never found. Brie Hooker is at the scene of this discovery along with her Aunt Eva who owns the property where this skull was found. But, what grabs the reader from the start is when the identity of the person whose skull was buried there and later the rest of the remains uncovered will start a chain of events that will bring down the wrath of an entire town a the family of the deceased. You see it was her late ex-husband Jed Watson who it belongs to and his family is out to take her down along with the Sheriff…

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Bertyl: I JUST WANT TO BELONG AUTHOR: Sandra Dobozi and illustrated by EFLE Barjolini
Not everyone is born to look like everyone else. Every child wants to be accepted by their peers and no one wants to feel left out because he/she does not have the right clothes, is the wrong skin color or just appears to be awkward and or shy. Born in a celery patch this precious title named Bertyl Turtle Summer Breeze is curious, smart and does not understand why he is not the color of lime, leaf or grass. He is pure with no color mark namely the color of glass. You can literally see right through him he is a clear as a jelly-fish mass. But, his heart is made of pure gold and what he learns from his friends is more valuable than if he was born green like other turtles.
Checking out his…

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