Mind Game

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Mind Game: Iris Johansen

There are many who prey on the weaknesses or needs of others trying to manipulate their feelings, actions and responses. A series of deliberate actions or responses that are planned for psychological effect on another and in this case to control the feelings of someone, the outcome of situations or just to have power over another individual. Some for sport or amusement but within this novel you will meet Seth Caleb, Teresa Romano, Lisa his smart and devious 19-year-old sister and the return of Cara who now lives with Eve Duncan and Joe Quinn as author Iris Johansen manages to create many different meanings within this novel of the term MIND GAME! But, whose idea will be the most devious and how do manipulation, persuasion and create a novel that has one focus who can alert situations and prey on someone’s thoughts and mind in order…

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The Bridge Troll Murders

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The Bridge Troll Murders: A Hook Runyon Mystery: Sheldon Russell

Benjamin Way is all alone in campsite he created by himself under a railroad bridge. Minding his own business and his thoughts about his own life he does not hear the killer approaching him and the end result he is murdered, mutilated and disfigured. Hook Runyon is enlisted to find out and investigate what happened and added to this burden he is told he has to deal with Ria Wolfe, a graduate student from Boston University who refuses to play second fiddle and demands to be included every step of the way. A student whose focus is forensic science, Ria is writing her dissertation on crime and his boss Eddie has approved her being there and working the case or shadowing him during the investigation. Sitting in front of the fire Ben was thinking about why he left home, was…

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Spotlight: Polio and Me

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Non-Fiction – Memoir

Date Published: November, 2016

Publisher: Different Drummer Press

Polio and Me provides a view of the past, present, and future—the saga of one boy’s pain, fear, and loneliness—the long struggle to develop a vaccine and effective treatments—the world-wide goal to eradicate the polio virus, and in some twenty-first century cancer research trials, the polio virus eliminated cancerous tumors.

Today, seventy-two years later, as a father of three, a grandfather, and great-grandfather, the idea that an ambulance team could walk into my doctor’s office and rip my son or daughter from my arms is an appalling notion. But this was 1943, decades ago, when polio epidemics killed and paralyzed an average of 12,000 children and adults each year.

I understand that having your child taken from your arms sounds draconian, but in Los Angeles, during the summer months of the annual polio epidemics, as many as one hundred patients a day were…

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