Man Overboard: J.A. Jance

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Man Overboard: J.A. Jance

The major theme of this book is centered on people that are thought to have committed suicide and are successful. Some feel that they have nowhere to go, they are depressed, feel all alone and hopeless. Some people are do depressed while others have terminal illnesses and do not want to burden their families by putting them through endless months or even less of treatments the person will have to undergo or prolong the inevitable. Others have a sense of hopelessness while some loss it to drugs and overdose. Fear is another reason and personality disorders can trigger them into a delusional state and suicide seems to be the answer and only way out. Hatred towards someone, revenge is more valuable than life or even. Confusion, delirium, drug intoxication, loneliness at the loss of a family member, lover or parent and chagrin, helplessness or even loss…

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