Three Days and A Life

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Three Days and a Life” Pierre LeMaitre

This story is unique in that the killer is revealed at the start of the novel and must at the young age of 12 has to deal with killing his neighbor’s son age five. How do you focus on the rest of your life when you have hidden the truth about the disappearance of a young child? Some as Antoine Courtin does justifies it in his own mind hiding behind his mother, his fears and pretending to be upset but is he really remorseful? In reality it was an accident but at 12 it did not view it that way and as a result he spends years in fear of being found out, hoping that the body of this young child, which he buries deep within the ground in a place he feels no one will ever locate him, living behind a black…

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Book Blast:BAD BLOOD

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Book Blast: P. L. Carlson

In 1979, statistician and mother Maggie Ryan and her husband, actor Nick O’Connor, come home from work one autumn day to find a troubled, angry runaway teenager on their doorstep. The girl is wanted for questioning about the stabbing death of a bridge-playing friend of her grandmother. As Maggie and Nick probe into the girl’s story, they learn about drug abuse, generational strife, dark family secrets, and fierce family attachments. Maggie risks discovery of a long-kept secret of her own when she disguises herself as a reporter to visit the teenager’s outwardly placid suburban home to uncover which secrets led to

Bad Blood
by P.M. Carlson
November 7, 2017 Book Blast

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At Midnight: Lainee Cole, Lynn Crandall, Rena Koontz

Within this book titled At Midnight you will meet several characters whose lives will drastically change at the stroke of Midnight unless they are able to prevent the inevitable. Story one features Madison Lockhart who finds herself in a desperate situation when her car named: Baby, the Ford Mustang decides that she’s tired and needs repairs and has left her stranded. Nowhere to go she comes what appears to be a deserted farmhouse all locked up. But, she’s resourceful, small and finds her way inside house in a unique and clever way: The doggie door. Like Goldilocks from the three bears she manages to find her way to a bed that seemed fit for more than a princess or a Big Bear and was fast asleep when the owner of the farmhouse decided to spend the night there not realizing someone was…

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