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At Midnight: Lainee Cole, Lynn Crandall, Rena Koontz

Within this book titled At Midnight you will meet several characters whose lives will drastically change at the stroke of Midnight unless they are able to prevent the inevitable. Story one features Madison Lockhart who finds herself in a desperate situation when her car named: Baby, the Ford Mustang decides that she’s tired and needs repairs and has left her stranded. Nowhere to go she comes what appears to be a deserted farmhouse all locked up. But, she’s resourceful, small and finds her way inside house in a unique and clever way: The doggie door. Like Goldilocks from the three bears she manages to find her way to a bed that seemed fit for more than a princess or a Big Bear and was fast asleep when the owner of the farmhouse decided to spend the night there not realizing someone was…

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