The Weaver’s Light

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The Weaver’s Light: Mara Fields

Believing that falcon-faced sorcerers that have destroyed a city and turned it into rubble are controlling the world, Callan Vellus after losing his family takes to the bottle for comfort. A talented weaver whose hands can create masterpieces soon injured his hands and hopes to find his way back to his craft. Leaving his home and boarding a ship he winds up alone and desolate hoping to purchase a new loom and traveling to the city which he will find in ruins to learn that he is not alone in his believe that lightning caused the fires from an odd and strange storm that came out of nowhere. Haunted by a vision caused by too much liquor, Callan seems to think that the visions and the falcon-faces images are real.

Pashi is hopeless and has nowhere to go and stealing keeps her in food and…

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