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Creating a new vision for a city is the premise behind this latest installment of the Cris de Niro series as author Gerard de Marigny once again enters the world of high finance, criminal justice and a man named Tonio who enters the room during a presentation and disrupts what Kevin Matthews wants to impart as he explains his vision for a New Detroit. But before he can complete what he has to say Antonio Brown enters and hands him a picture that will change it all as he places his photo in his hands and the sight alone is horrific. Tonio enters the conference room and explains that he has buried three of his sons in drug related gun battles and two are doing life for murder and selling drugs. Teddy was young and was a star halfback in high school and he was the only one of his…

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The Thursday Night Club: Steven Manchester : A STARRED REVIEW

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The Thursday Night Club and other stories of Christmas Spirit

A gift of kindness, an act of kindness that is selfless and from the heart is so rare today in world filled with glitter, glam and so many who want everything and often give nothing in return. Jesse Cabral and his three friends Izzy, Ava and Randy join forces every Thursday Night for their weekly Thursday Night Club get together on Izzy and Ava’s front porch. The college seniors have a close relationship and just by their camaraderie, their banter and their willingness to hear each other out you know that these five young people are true friends and are special. Pranks are the heart of their conversation and not getting caught the goal. So, when they dare each other to pull of a prank that is not dangerous, will not hurt anyone they each ante up a quarter for…

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