Comanche Captive

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Comanche Captive: D. Laszlo Conhaim

The Comanche Indians are a Native American nation from the Great Plains. Their territory was called Comancheria and consisted of what is now New Mexico, southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, western Oklahoma, most of northwest Texas and northern Chihuahua. They are federally recognized today at the Comanche Nations located in Lawton, Oklahoma. Considered at the time hunter-gatherers with a horse culture. They were the main tribe on the Southern Plains and as is the focus of this novel titled Comanche Captive they often took captives from weaker tribes especially during wartime and selling them as slaves to the Spanish and then later on to Mexican settlers. Imagine what they made when they took thousands of captives from the many different groups of settlers. They were strong opponents who were smart and developed their own form of strategies using traditional weapons to fight on horseback. Warfare at…

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