Black Orchid Night

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Black Orchid Night: H. T. Monogue

Within the mind of Fiona Mistry born to a racially mixed family their lurks questions that remain unanswered and thoughts that fill her mind, head and soul each night as she closes her eyes and begins to take many journeys into different time periods though her dreams. From the age of 18 after the death of her mother, Fiona discovered and nurtured her ability to dream lucid dreams. Many of us think about events in our pasts, even things we hope that will happen in the present and remember some or parts of the dreams when we get up. But, her life is focused and centered on orchids and her orchid business and she learns that these flowers might be sending her messages in different ways to her and to each other.

Throughout this novel the author will inspire readers to take part in…

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Joshua’s Country

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Joshua’s Country: Gerard De Marigny

Family ties become hard to remain in tack as one man who is hard nosed, not easily pliable and is set in his ways just might learn the true meaning of love, forgiveness and hope as he learns the truth behind the actions of others. Joshua Jacobs is a cowboy and veteran of the Vietnam War. Touch, hard and he’s created a ranch and way of life that allows him to govern his territory his own way. With the help of the Apache Indians and just a patch of land that he turned into an Empire with these Indians guarding him, his family and his friend Snake, Pepper who he met in the army and other faithful friends, Joshua Jacob’s is about to be tested, tried, and temporarily sentenced to some hard truths as his grandson Joshua, his namesake is as the heart of this…

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