Tastes Like Murder: Cindy McDonald

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Tastes Like Murder: Cindy McDonald

Cranberry juice can be deadly is someone wants you out of the way and dead. Tatum is Fiona Quinn’s niece and is about to marry her true love Zach at least that is what was supposed to happen. Tatum is a true Bridezilla who is spoiled, bratty and does not know it but someone is out to get her in a unique and wild way. Ordering everyone about and choosing the ugliest orange bridesmaids dresses with ruffles and lace that might make you think you were wearing something right out of a bottle of orange dye or orange juice. Although some of the girls complained Tatum gives the orders and no one dares to defy her. But, Johnny Lynn was not supposed to be invited even though she is her cousin but her mother demanded and insisted so Tatum had to deal with her too…

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