Down to No Good

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Down to No Good: Edward Javorsky

When Charlie Miner realizes that he is dead how does he come back to life? Drugs are his mainstay, violence is passion but his daughter Mindy the only other person he dares about. So, how does a man riddled with bullets throughout his body come back to life when waking up in the morgue. He’s a private investigator but has spend time in rehab, dealing with his addiction and now Homicide Detective Dave Putnam drags his body to his house and helps him revive himself. But, like everyone else that helps in a pinch, yet this is more than a pinch, Dave wants something from Charlie.

Do you believe in psychics? Do you think they can really predict outcomes or even things within your own life? Tamara Gale provides during one of her sessions information about three murders and she even predicts when bad…

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