Pigface and the Perfect Dog

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Sometimes when situations are serious the author needs to throw him so humor and creative justice. Dr. Susan Hogan is very inquisitive, impetuous and impulsive which makes her the perfect person to become an amateur sleuth yet taking dangerous chances at times that might endanger her and other people. When a rifle carrying man, who she dubs as pig face, confronts her in a grocery store she realizes that there might be more to this confrontation than meets the eye.

Within this novel you will meet Aunt Jenny and her boyfriend a judge who provide the local color and warmth needed that is missing in some of the other characters. Aunt Jenny thrives on cooking fantastic meals and Susan is noted for not really knowing the way to even make simple dishes which makes the story come alive even more. But, when Jesse…

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Comanche Captive

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Comanche Captive: D. Laszlo Conhaim

The Comanche Indians are a Native American nation from the Great Plains. Their territory was called Comancheria and consisted of what is now New Mexico, southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, western Oklahoma, most of northwest Texas and northern Chihuahua. They are federally recognized today at the Comanche Nations located in Lawton, Oklahoma. Considered at the time hunter-gatherers with a horse culture. They were the main tribe on the Southern Plains and as is the focus of this novel titled Comanche Captive they often took captives from weaker tribes especially during wartime and selling them as slaves to the Spanish and then later on to Mexican settlers. Imagine what they made when they took thousands of captives from the many different groups of settlers. They were strong opponents who were smart and developed their own form of strategies using traditional weapons to fight on horseback. Warfare at…

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Disturbed: Jennifer Jaynes

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Disturbed: Jennifer Jaynes

Within the pages of this complex novel is someone who will lure you into thinking he/she is an innocent victim of circumstances and whose choices in life were made as a result of being under someone’s control. Like a fire that is out of control or a burning inferno that destroys many forests and is not out until the last ember burns and the trees and greenery are gone, the rage, revenge and hate stored inside this person will shock you, surprise you and definitely make you wonder why no one ever realized that this person was DISTURBED! Emotionally ill, needing special treatment yet when you meet the many players within this novel you will never be able to tell who is emotionally troubled or worse.

Haunted by one night five years ago Chelsea Dutton spent the evening celebrating a friend’s birthday on Halloween night. Ghosts and…

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Act of Betrayal

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Act of Betrayal: Matt Dunn

Sometimes an intelligence officer has to break the law, think out of the box in order to get the job done. Will a Delta Force colonel named Haden to kill or assassinate a terrorist financier named Raeder in Berlin asked Cochrane. The players were told just enough information but not all. The scene was set and the mark in sight but something happens after Raeder is killed and disposed of by the four men chosen to deal with his body. Colonel Haden knew that Raeder was on money run namely one that involved five million dollars as the payout. So, what happened to the money and where is Haden? This was just the beginning of the sting and the setup that caused Cochrane to go deep undercover and hide from not only Haden but also the others involved. Unwin Fox is the CIA agent that…

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His hands roam over your entire body trying to find where you need to release the tension; the illnesses and anything that makes you feel weak, sick or unsure of your present condition. Sometimes he tries to just make you feel calm and raise your emotional spirits while other times he claims he can rid you of a terminal illness or disease. Healing powers does he really have them? Did he really cure someone who had an incurable illness like cancer? Arpan never saw Erica Whittaker as she approaches him with a gun pointed directly at him. According to his teachings, we learn that sensing the presence of other people was one of the very basic examples of invisible connections between every human on the planet. But, Arpan rich not fully enjoying his wealth lived a meager and frugal…

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Creating a new vision for a city is the premise behind this latest installment of the Cris de Niro series as author Gerard de Marigny once again enters the world of high finance, criminal justice and a man named Tonio who enters the room during a presentation and disrupts what Kevin Matthews wants to impart as he explains his vision for a New Detroit. But before he can complete what he has to say Antonio Brown enters and hands him a picture that will change it all as he places his photo in his hands and the sight alone is horrific. Tonio enters the conference room and explains that he has buried three of his sons in drug related gun battles and two are doing life for murder and selling drugs. Teddy was young and was a star halfback in high school and he was the only one of his…

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The Thursday Night Club: Steven Manchester : A STARRED REVIEW

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The Thursday Night Club and other stories of Christmas Spirit

A gift of kindness, an act of kindness that is selfless and from the heart is so rare today in world filled with glitter, glam and so many who want everything and often give nothing in return. Jesse Cabral and his three friends Izzy, Ava and Randy join forces every Thursday Night for their weekly Thursday Night Club get together on Izzy and Ava’s front porch. The college seniors have a close relationship and just by their camaraderie, their banter and their willingness to hear each other out you know that these five young people are true friends and are special. Pranks are the heart of their conversation and not getting caught the goal. So, when they dare each other to pull of a prank that is not dangerous, will not hurt anyone they each ante up a quarter for…

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