Child of Creation

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Child of Creation: Robert Donohue

Imagine a world that will soon be destroyed unless a young child can mange to eliminate the threat to the balance of power between all of different races and humans that have to co-exist. What happens when the weight of what will occur is in the hands of this young boy who is smart, protected because of who he is and what his father did for the world, is placed in a position and placed on earth but what happens to him is in his control and how he reacts will determine which of those alive wins the struggle for power. This young man has a voice that is hidden deep within him and heard only by him guiding him at times when needed and learns that he has been given the ability to do all of the things he needs to do to aid…

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A Pound of Flesh

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Alex Gray: A Pound of Flesh

Walking the streets at night many girls find that this is the only way they can make a living even though as they are about to find out just how deadly a game they are playing with their lives. Prostitution is not new in this area in Glasgow nor anywhere else in the world where young girls and sometimes even older find themselves selling their wares you might say to attract men of all sorts and types hoping to score big with the next punter as they are called. Someone else has murder on his/her mind and the lure is anyone driving a white Mercedes convertible. Men stop this person and find themselves facing a deadly and unfeeling killer whose purpose it is to revenge of the death of her lover Carol as she relives the scene that she saw every day.

Matthew Wardlaw…

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