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Thinking about her Paper and what he did for a living which was being one of the best con artists finding marks to rob and not thinking twice, Rose decided to do what she did best as she eased her finger away from the trigger and had to decide to pull it since Tommy Preston was evil and dangerous and she was not going to let Lilly, her sister marry him so why does she? But, first things first as she had to find her own mark and managed to convince a kid to pretend to steal from her and the end result the money winds up in the bank but not before trying to convince two people to go in on business that does not exist.

Caitlin Cassidy and Atticus Spense are five days away from getting married. The island where they were going to get married was picture…

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Strong to the Bone: Jon Land

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Strong to the Bone: Jon Land

This novel brings to light many important issues that young girls face today when going to a bar to have a drink with friends or a date. Caitlin Strong innocently went to a bar and met a guy who called himself Frank. Thinking that she could trust him she accepts a drink from him in a paper cup. Told it was just fruit punch the only punch was the impact it had on her as she wakes up not knowing what happened to her and finally realizing she was raped. In the present Caitlin and her boyfriend Cort Wesley Masters find themselves dealing with a group of rowdy men and Caitlin winds up finding a young girl that looked like she was attacked and wrongly shoots the guy she’s with thinking he was the rapist. But, although she took the heat from DW her…

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