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Charles Salzberg: Second Story Man

Self-absorbed, high self-esteem, convinced he’s invincible and definitely motivated to remain on the lamb and never getting caught, Francis Hoyt is like the Invisible Man by H.G. Wells a classic. A mysterious stranger whose face is covered in bandages and his eyes hidden by dark spectacles is hidden in a cozy inn in a British Village. Francis Hoyt his face hidden beneath a cap, his clothes dark and his appearance altered and his hands completely covered enters the homes of unsuspecting people and takes what he claims belongs to him, their valuable. Our invisible man stays beneath the hidden recesses of his room as someone enters the room and realizes he has no head. Drugs are the key to his invisibility. Monocane and greed, power and control and being elusive is what keeps Hoyt below the radar and hoping to remain on the run. Hoyt…

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Say Nothing!

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Say Nothing: Brad Parks

Sometimes in order to survive and protect your family you have to go to extremes even if it means defying the rules of law, changing your rulings and somehow creating a veil of deceit in order to save the lives of those close to you. Judge Scott Sampson has two amazing children, Sam and Emma and a wife named Alison. Thinking his life was great, no one could possibly change it a simple text message would alter it and set off so many chains of events that his life creating a downward spiral that would end in more than just tragedy. How far would anyone go to protect his/her family? Would you free someone that deserved to be in jail? Would you allow someone to plead cases and pass judgments that others instructed you too? What happens when Sampson receives a text from his wife saying…

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To Be a 7th Day Adventist: Join me January 4th 2018 for my on air interview with the author

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To Be a 7th Day Adventist Christian: Michael A. Jones PHD

Inspirational, inspiring, with lessons that each one of us needs to learn and teaching everyone to remember that “God’s plan for us is that one day we’ll become a citizen of a sinless society.” Wouldn’t it be nice to end the suffering, confusion and temptation and sin? In a world where we hear so many hate, violence and destruction on the news and see in the streets the words within the pages of this book will help you plan for your life, as well as God’s reasons for granting you, the most powerful element of His creation: the power of CHOICE! As I guide your through the many teachings and lessons I will focus upon what I learned and what I feel everyone needs to learn from reading this book.

Is working harder and more hours everyday make…

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