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Charles Salzberg: Second Story Man

Self-absorbed, high self-esteem, convinced he’s invincible and definitely motivated to remain on the lamb and never getting caught, Francis Hoyt is like the Invisible Man by H.G. Wells a classic. A mysterious stranger whose face is covered in bandages and his eyes hidden by dark spectacles is hidden in a cozy inn in a British Village. Francis Hoyt his face hidden beneath a cap, his clothes dark and his appearance altered and his hands completely covered enters the homes of unsuspecting people and takes what he claims belongs to him, their valuable. Our invisible man stays beneath the hidden recesses of his room as someone enters the room and realizes he has no head. Drugs are the key to his invisibility. Monocane and greed, power and control and being elusive is what keeps Hoyt below the radar and hoping to remain on the run. Hoyt…

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