Mystery in Gram’s Attic

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Fran Orenstein: Mystery in Gram’s Attic

Creating a world for your children to live in seems simple yet in some cases complicated and difficult. Ellen and Troy Baron are two 12-year old twins who are kindhearted, understanding of others and realize that their mother is doing the best she can with limited resources. Bullied in school, mocked by snoot girls and insulted at times both Ellen and Troy need to have thick skins in order to deal with these rude and unfeeling classmates. Even the teachers do not seem to realize what is happening and each one defends the other and lunch becomes a nightmare for Ellen and at times she has little to eat. Lila Barron works in a restaurant and they live in squalor and poverty in a shack without any proper plumbing, cold showers, an outhouse and the inside of the house is in shambles and the…

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