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Highest of Highs to Lowest of Lows: by Michael Kinyanjui: My Battles with Bipolar Disorder

Imagine living within several rooms with no way to escape or get out as the doors are sealed, the locks are in place and you feel helpless and have nowhere to go. What happens when your mind is locked and veers in so many different directions that you have no control over your words, voice, opinions, actions or understanding. Within this memoir you will meet several different Michaels at different points in his life as he struggles to find the real Michael and learn how to rid himself of the false ones.

Bipolar disorder creates confusion within the person that unfortunately is a victim of this disease and one that is plagued with mania which is when the person with this disorder as the author states goes through a state of mind that gives him…

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Say Nothing: Brad Parks

Sometimes in order to survive and protect your family you have to go to extremes even if it means defying the rules of law, changing your rulings and somehow creating a veil of deceit in order to save the lives of those close to you. Judge Scott Sampson has two amazing children, Sam and Emma and a wife named Alison. Thinking his life was great, no one could possibly change it a simple text message would alter it and set off so many chains of events that his life creating a downward spiral that would end in more than just tragedy. How far would anyone go to protect his/her family? Would you free someone that deserved to be in jail? Would you allow someone to plead cases and pass judgments that others instructed you too? What happens when Sampson receives a text from his wife saying…

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Silence Her

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Silence Her: Douglas Fetterly

Exposes are not something foreign to reporter Lishan Amir as her goal is to take down Senator Libby and his cohort Jack Conner wanting to take down not only these two but anyone attached to them too. Dealing with her boss, executive editor Jerry Hanson the roadblocks, danger, threats she faces will make you wonder why she persisted when everyone around her just wanted to permanently Silence Her. Lishan is brash, hardnosed and will stop at nothing to take down Jack Conner and his company. False labeling on products is at the heart of this novel as we learn much about the FDA who they are really concerned about protecting and why one man was able to have products so readily available to the public even though some proved deadly.

Kickback, fraud, toxic fillers and empty calories are just part of what Conner delivers to the…

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A True Story told from the heart!

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Hat Tricks From Heaven: The Story of an Athlete in His Own Prison of Addiction: Kate Genovese

You’ve just had major surgery and realize that you are in serious pain from the operation. Doctors, your doctors decide that the best course of action is to prescribe some heavy pain medication in order to relieve your tension and your pain. Opiates are often the type of drugs of choice. They are narcotic sedatives, which depress activity of the central nervous system and as a result reduce pain and often cause the tiredness, drowsiness and sleep. Some of these medications cause nausea and constipation and some people overmedicate themselves and as a result become addicted to these medications that were prescribed to help them. But, in reality are they overprescribed, how does someone become dependent on these drugs? Within the minds of young adults and even older people using these medications for…

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Close to Me

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Close to Me: Amanda Reynolds

A fight, an argument, a fall down the flight of stairs in your own home and the next time you open your eyes you are in the hospital wondering why. Rob and Jo have been married for a long time and have two children Fin and Sash and as you get to know them you wonder what kind of a relationship they have with their parents. Sash seems to make time for Jo and have lunch when it’s convenient or she has ten minutes to spare. Fin seems distant and estranged from his father and at times does not open up to either parent. His sallow and hollow appearance lets reader’s know that he seems and appears troubled but the author has not revealed why. Jo Harding comes from a rich background and as we get to know her at the start of the story…

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Darkness Beyond the Light

Facing harsh realities about a child will not be easy for both John and Sally Ross as their lives are about to be turned in so many directions that at times they will have to literally catch their breaths in order to continue on. Routines will be broken and meeting will be cancelled or not attended as the defining moments and realities concerning a child will either bring their family together as a unit or tear them apart. Additions can be to foods, gambling, shopping, or even liquor. But, what happens when a child disregards everything he has been taught and becomes addicted to heroin or even cocaine. “Addiction is defined as a “chronic, relapsing brain disease that is con is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. It is considered a brain…

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Blood Truth

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Blood Truth: Matt Coyle

Imagine what happens when someone needs a total blood transfusion from a acceptable donor. Imagine someone else’s blood running through your body and into your veins. What happens when someone within your original bloodline might have tainted blood but not in the way you might think? Rick Cahill is haunted by the past and a hidden truth that might be held within the blood that runs it’s course through his veins and keeps him alive. A father that was disgraced, dishonored and let go from a noted police force before his timely death. Rick’s life has been in a serious turmoil and when receiving an unusual message from the grave his path will encounter many obstacles, danger and lives will change until he completes his search, understands his destiny and learns the harsh realities related to the meaning of BLOOD TRUTH!

Eighteen years ago his father…

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