Title: “A Perfect Blindness – A Sensual Novel of Music, Passion, Secrets and Self-Deception”Author: W. Lance Hunt

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Title: “A Perfect Blindness – A Sensual Novel of Music, Passion, Secrets and Self-Deception”Author: W. Lance Hunt

Having it all and making it big time was the goal of Jonathan Starks and his best friend Scott. Both decided to leave Columbus, Ohio and hope to find the perfect venue for their music and start up a new band in Chicago. Jonathan is a singer, songwriter and plays the keyboard and totally hot and his best friend Scott plays the guitar. Starks is involved with Amy and telling her about his move to Chicago was not a consideration nor did she find out. Living in Chicago they find themselves in a loft that needed fixing, cleaning and ready to engage in some auditions but first they needed to find a lead singer. Jonathan had no problem attracting tons of girls and Scott has a secret about himself that was hidden…

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Vindication: H. Terrell Griffin

Belonging to a book club can be hazardous to your health as Esther Higgins learns. Writing and allowing your members to critique your work should yield both positive and negative responses. But, Esther’s work was first rate but was told by her so called friend, Ruth Bergstrom, who read her manuscript and told her it was not publishable but in reality it was quite good so how did it wind up in the hands of someone else?

The novel begins with a short chapter that tells us about the Miss Georgia beauty pageant, the contestants and a young girl named Sarah who was the frontrunner but lost. Sarah’s mother could not afford to send her to college and if she had won the title her life would have turned out differently. But, the pageant was fixed and a horrible lie was told and a girl named…

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Bargain in Silver: Josie Jaffrey

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Within the pages of this novel you had better be aware of a deadly infection that has infiltrated our population and you might be one of the unlucky carriers. Outside in public humans are in danger and the end result would be instant death for some and others forced to give their blood to a group of people called the Silver. Vampires, others infected that walk in a trance like a zombie and all who have to adhere to the new rules of society of their form of government set in place by the Silver.

Emmy is strong willed and brazen and realizes that there are people around her including close friends that will be eliminated by the Silver because the other race out there are called The Weepers and they are the ones that carry this deadly virus. Anyone thought to be a carrier or a carrier must die!…

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The Voice Inside: Brian Freeman

Moral values, ethics and the right to decide for yourself and have your voice be heard is at the heart of this thought provoking novel which brings up a serious question: When someone is wrongly convicted of a murder and you know that the evidence was planted yet the killer belongs in jail: Do you present the information that you know that will free him or do you stay silent? Difficult choice yet Inspector Frost Easton makes a decision that will change his life and possibly cause the killer to go free to kill again.

Shel Silverstein’s titled: The Voice Inside is the inspiration for the title and the message conveyed throughout this novel.

“There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend

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The Last Days of Oscar Wilde : STARRED FIVE STAR REVIEW

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The Last Days of Oscar Wilde: John Vanderslice

Learning about the finality of the life of his great poet, playwright and actor the reader gets immersed in his relationships, his successes and failures. Meeting Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas who was the third son of the Marquis of Queensbury, we are aware that Bosie knows of Oscar’s novel Dorian Gray. Back then it was unheard of for two men to become one or lovers and yet they were together for four years. The author shares their friendship, Bosie’s gambling and debt weakness and the fact that he does not hesitate a moment to flaunt his mother’s help when refurnishing, spending money he owes others and his flippant and cavalier attitude comes through yet Oscar seems to want his friendship at all costs. Talking about the Marquis we learn that in April of 1895 Oscar was accused of homosexuality and that the…

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The Firemaker: Peter May

The stench of burnt flesh fills the air and your mind, soul and body as you feel the flames engulf you and you life is ended. No one sees you and there is no one to douse what someone has done to you as the gasoline that ignited the inferno surrounding you and the area you are in burns you to a crisp. The scene is graphically depicted and it starts the novel off in a grotesque manner as one man’s life ends, then exposed until we find out the identity of a serial killer whose reign of terror is just beginning.

Forensic pathologist Margaret Campbell is on her way to China for six weeks as a lecturer trying to tuck away in the back of her mind what happened with her husband and his tragic suicide. Working would keep her mind active plus dealing and…

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Fran Lewis review The Most Hated Man in America: Jerry Sandusky and the Rush to Judgment (Sunbury Press, 2017)

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Fran Lewis review The Most Hated Man in America: Jerry Sandusky and the Rush to Judgment (Sunbury Press, 2017)

In The Most Hated Man in America, science writer and investigator Mark Pendergrast argues that Jerry Sandusky might be innocent, despite the many accusers who came forward. Among other things, he has uncovered evidence that “repressed memory therapy” and other memory distortion issues may have helped alleged victims remember things that never happened. You will need to read the book, which is long and complex, to form your own judgments.

When reading this book and hearing the voices of the alleged victims, one solid point rings true and that is all of the young men who came forward seemed to present almost the same stories and accounts of what they endured at the hand of Jerry Sandusky, at least once they got to trial. But most of them started by denying…

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