Abuse of Discretion: A MUST READ

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Abuse of  Discretion: Pamela Samuels Young
Guilt due to the color of your skin or because people prejudge you by an action that you know that you did not commit. Graylin Alexander finds himself as the victim of someone’s either practical joke or an act to get attention. Sexting is serious and when he finds himself facing not only the Principal of the School but also two abusive police officers that strong arm him into talking with him about a photo that he supposedly put on Snapshot of Kennedy Carlyle. Things get out of hand quickly when his father shows up but even worse when the lawyers begin to picker it out and poor Graylin is placed in juvenile hall until his case comes up. No bail is allowed and he has to remain there with some unsavory characters. Teens and young readers will hopefully learn some valuable lessons about…

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Guilty Blood: Rick Acker

A young man is accused of killing a lethal gang member except he never came in contact with his person and never met him. So, why was he arrested and framed for the murder? DNA is sourced and Analyzed and investigator as in this case, before going to his apartment while doing research and homework for a course he was taking at Berkley University, Brandon Ames is startled when told he committed murder. Investigators collected DNA evidence from several different sources. Biological evidence of any type contains DNA and not every sample has enough amounts of DNA to create an accurate profile.

Author Rick Acker brings to light the impact of DNA testing and profiling in this rifting novel of corruption, fraud, deceit and what happens when one young man is accused of murder because his DNA markers come close to that of the victim. Brandon…

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Surprise in Auntie’s Garden

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Surprise in Auntie’s Garden: Ann Morris/ Illustrator: Heather Varkarotas

The beauty of a flower garden comes through loud and clear from the colorful cover to opening to the first two pages where you visualize and see the magnificent array of flowers that looks like a collage or a mural painted on wall. Auntie grew flowers in her garden and from an early age Erin loved them and wanted be look at the pretty flowers. Crying until she got what she wanted and allowed to look at the flowers when she got older Auntie let her pick some to take home to her mom. Imagine a little girl that gives her Auntie a special Garden Angel as a present to keep with the precious flowers.

Erin was observant and found something exciting in the garden. Imagine a striped worm and weeds. But, milkweed was prevalent in the garden and she missed…

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Everything is Different

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Everything is Different: Ann Morris

Every country in the world has its own customs, architecture and some even drive on the other side of the road. Languages are different, accents are distinct to the area or country and sometimes children fail to understand that not everyone is the same. Places and people have their own special way of communicating with tourists and as Brett and his father take flight and are headed for England he’s about to get the best hands on education of a life time as he learns the definition and understanding of why EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT.

Brett was excited but was worried because he did not understand that they were flying above the clouds but his father explained it to him and why. Next after going through customs he got first hand experience when the driver drove on the other side of the road as his father…

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Mommy and Mikel Go for A Walk

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Mommy and Mikel Go for A Walk: Ann Morris

Illustrated: Blythe Russo

Mikel’s mother was busy with her mob and did not get to spend time alone very often. But, on this beautiful day he would not only spend time with her taking a special walk and learning about nature and its beauty but also he would understand why listening to a parent, following instructions is valuable. Walking with his mother they decided to go through the park and would you believe he spotted a Goldfinch. The picture of the bird with black wings and a gold body is breathtaking. I bet you don’t know that the Goldfinch is the state bird of Iowa! I love daisies and I was excited when I was that they found some on their walk.
Some plants are dangerous and you should not touch them and luckily his mom stop him before he touched…

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Aiden the Soccer Star! Author: Suzan Johnson

Illustrated by Sana Freeman

Aiden’s goal was to become part of a soccer team and was hoping that after tryouts he found out he had a spot on the team. Imagine the excitement to be included to play and use the skills you’ve practiced such a dribbling, juggling and kicks in order to become part of a team. But, not everything goes according to plan as Aiden learns when he’s left on the sidelines the first game of the season. Disappointed even though his team did win, Aiden felt left out and would not tell anyone when asked what was bothering him. Even at dinner when everything was excited about the Sonics win, Aiden did not feel apart of it. It was almost like someone looking from the outside in. Like once sided window. Things did not change during the next matches and…

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The Swedish Girl: STARRED REVIEW

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The Swedish Girl: Alex Gray

Can someone hide behind two personalities in order to be the person that she wants others to see and the one her father approves of in public. Eva Magnusson was stunning, vibrant in her own social circles, admired, adored by most males that she met and yet when faced with her father Henrik she was refined, demure and understated. Clothing worn in front of her father was more sophisticated and toned down while the moment he left she became more of a harlot ready to party at a moment’s notice. Coming from Sweden into a luxurious flat in Glasgow, Eva’s father bought her this in order to keep her in the style she was accustomed to and yet making sure her flat mates met with his approval. Kristy Wilson is not very pretty yet she is perceptive and smart. Her father is a copper on…

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Can you hear me? Do you understand what I am saying to you? Are you still here or are you somewhere drifting away from reality? Coma is the central theme of this book as we meet Frank and Cassie both in different stages or states of coma. Coma is not easy to comprehend especially when the word has been defined as someone who is sleeping in such a state that they are not paying attention to the world outside or around them. It has nothing to do with sleep. Someone in a coma is unconscious and hears voices around them, won’t respond to sounds or any activity happening in close proximity to themselves but they are till alive and their brains are functioning at its lowest stage of awareness. The person cannot be awakened and in this case the coma of the Cassie Jensen whom we will meet as we…

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Title: “A Perfect Blindness – A Sensual Novel of Music, Passion, Secrets and Self-Deception”Author: W. Lance Hunt

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Title: “A Perfect Blindness – A Sensual Novel of Music, Passion, Secrets and Self-Deception”Author: W. Lance Hunt

Having it all and making it big time was the goal of Jonathan Starks and his best friend Scott. Both decided to leave Columbus, Ohio and hope to find the perfect venue for their music and start up a new band in Chicago. Jonathan is a singer, songwriter and plays the keyboard and totally hot and his best friend Scott plays the guitar. Starks is involved with Amy and telling her about his move to Chicago was not a consideration nor did she find out. Living in Chicago they find themselves in a loft that needed fixing, cleaning and ready to engage in some auditions but first they needed to find a lead singer. Jonathan had no problem attracting tons of girls and Scott has a secret about himself that was hidden…

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Vindication: H. Terrell Griffin

Belonging to a book club can be hazardous to your health as Esther Higgins learns. Writing and allowing your members to critique your work should yield both positive and negative responses. But, Esther’s work was first rate but was told by her so called friend, Ruth Bergstrom, who read her manuscript and told her it was not publishable but in reality it was quite good so how did it wind up in the hands of someone else?

The novel begins with a short chapter that tells us about the Miss Georgia beauty pageant, the contestants and a young girl named Sarah who was the frontrunner but lost. Sarah’s mother could not afford to send her to college and if she had won the title her life would have turned out differently. But, the pageant was fixed and a horrible lie was told and a girl named…

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