Mommy and Mikel Go for A Walk

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Mommy and Mikel Go for A Walk: Ann Morris

Illustrated: Blythe Russo

Mikel’s mother was busy with her mob and did not get to spend time alone very often. But, on this beautiful day he would not only spend time with her taking a special walk and learning about nature and its beauty but also he would understand why listening to a parent, following instructions is valuable. Walking with his mother they decided to go through the park and would you believe he spotted a Goldfinch. The picture of the bird with black wings and a gold body is breathtaking. I bet you don’t know that the Goldfinch is the state bird of Iowa! I love daisies and I was excited when I was that they found some on their walk.
Some plants are dangerous and you should not touch them and luckily his mom stop him before he touched…

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