Abuse of Discretion: A MUST READ

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Abuse of  Discretion: Pamela Samuels Young
Guilt due to the color of your skin or because people prejudge you by an action that you know that you did not commit. Graylin Alexander finds himself as the victim of someone’s either practical joke or an act to get attention. Sexting is serious and when he finds himself facing not only the Principal of the School but also two abusive police officers that strong arm him into talking with him about a photo that he supposedly put on Snapshot of Kennedy Carlyle. Things get out of hand quickly when his father shows up but even worse when the lawyers begin to picker it out and poor Graylin is placed in juvenile hall until his case comes up. No bail is allowed and he has to remain there with some unsavory characters. Teens and young readers will hopefully learn some valuable lessons about…

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