Power Empire: Marc Cameron/Tom Clancy

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Tom Clancy created Jack Ryan and Jack Ryan Jr. as well as other characters that many authors have included in novels based on them. Marc Cameron’s skill as bringing his characters to life is more powerful, credible and would definitely have Clancy smiling down as you learn more about this multi-complex novel that evolves around three major plotlines.

Jack Ryan Jr. and his team at the Campus are going after a child sex trafficking ring linked somehow to a Chinese spy ring. Hoping to get to the bottom of where these girls are they have competition from the FBI and Agent Kelsey Callahan whose goal it is to get all of these girls home safely but tragedy cannot be avoided.

Focusing on China and their newly installed President, Ryan Sr. is dealing with the serious confrontational issues with that leader thinking that there is something sinister going on. President Zhao…

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Girl Taken: Elena Nikitina

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There are many prisons that are created for those that want to escape reality and live within their own minds in order to survive. Living a nightmare sometimes the person does not want to survive or wake up thinking if they did what they would learn would horrify them causing that person to want to sleep forever. How do you share a story about your abduction, war and your will to overcome everyday that you are held captive, live every second hoping to be rescued only to learn that the only person that you can count on is the one held within a small room, drugged and kidnapped at the age of 21, the year 1994 by a group of Chechen gangsters thinking that they would get a huge ransom for this young girl. Hoping her mother would pay it was their goal.

Elena is telling the story in the…

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